"We are mainly working from home but please dont hestitate to contact us on our usual telephone number or email addresses 

What can you expect from us?

  • An Adviser not a salesperson
  • Plain English not Jargon
  • A high level of expertise
  • Clear and transparent charges not hidden charges
  • Someone who believes a succesful business is built on looking after customers not a sales target

Our charges

Your first meeting with us is free of charge.

During that meeting we will be able to tell you what our costs will be and what payment choices you have. You can then decide if you want us to go ahead.

If you want advice we will usually charge a fixed fee. By charging a fixed fee you know exactly where you stand without the uncertainty of an open ended hourly rate

If you go on and ask us to arrange a product for you we charge a percentage of the amount invested. If you wish, it may be possible to deduct the cost from the investment.

Retirement Review

Our retirement review service is designed for people who are some way from retirement who are not sure if they will have enough income to live rather than survive.

We start by finding out what retirement will mean to them and then obtain all the information needed so they know what they can expect from their current plans. This is often more than they thought.

We can then prepare a plan that shows them what they can expect from what they have already.

Because only by knowing what you have got can you then decide what you want.

The result is a clear picture of what needs to be done to achieve the retirement you want, whatever that looks like for them.

Click on the picture to find out more and how our approach could save £,000's compared with traditional pension selling.

Free Consultation

You can have a free one hour initial consultation. There's no fee, no catch and no obligation on your part.  We can call you to arrange a time that suits you.


Where you have a complaint or dispute with us and we are unable to resolve this to your satisfaction we are obliged to offer you the Financial Services Ombudsman Service to help resolve this. Please see the following link for further details